Body Balance Therapy

Body Balance Therapy


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Benefits of a massage

Improve mental and physical clarity:  Our bodies contain over 70,000 energetic pathways (Nadis). The stimulation of regular massage helps clear blockages that build up in our energetic body, the same way that it improves blood circulation in our physical bodies. These pathways lead to the healthy flow of energy throughout our entire system, resulting in a clearer mind and more balanced emotions.

Lower stress & anxiety: Studies have shown that those who receive regular massage have lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is the “stress” hormone and it is linked to a worsened immune function.  Lowering this hormone can lead to improved immune response and less anxiety.

Improve concentration and focus: Thai Massage promotes mind/body connection. The active stretching and deep tissue work keeps the mind on the body, requiring the client to stay present with their breath, putting them into a meditative state. The synchronizing of breath and movement  in meditation has been widely proven to be effective in healthier functioning of the mind, resulting in better concentration and ability to focus.

Increased circulation and mobility: Thai massage helps to improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins and relax fatigued muscles. Thai massage incorporates stretches and twists which get your joints moving and increases mobility. The techniques used can also help treat chronic headaches, digestive problems, pre menstrual symptoms and insomnia.

Boost your confidence and happiness:  Engaging in regular self-care can boost a person’s level of confidence, sense of self-worth and result in an overall feeling of happiness and contentment.

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"Thai Massage”

Thai massage has been taught and practiced in Thailand for over 2,500 years.  Jivaka Komabhacca, an Ayurvedic doctor and Yogi is the founding father.  Jivaka shared his teachings with Buddhist monks and from that point the practice became known as Traditional Thai Medical Massage or “Nuat Thai”.  In Thailand the practice is considered an integral part of regular health maintenance.

Thai massage is essentially a therapeutic technique that combines massage, yoga and acupressure to relieve tension, pain and stress, while calming the mind.  The experience is a series of rhythmic compressions that combine stretches and acupressure to make the client feel lighter and more at ease afterwards.

Thai massage is often considered to be “assisted yoga” as the practitioner places the client into a series of yoga-like stretches throughout the session.  Thai massage is passive and essentially like having yoga done for you.  It is also known to be more energizing than most forms of massage.  The interesting dichotomy of Thai massage is that it renders the client both relaxed and invigorated!  


Acupressure blends acupuncture and pressure as a therapeutic technique based on acupuncture.  During your session of Thai massage, our therapist may apply pressure to pressure points on your body, with their hands, elbows, forearms and feet.  There are hundreds of different pressure points on your body that can unlock an array of benefits for your mind and body.





Massage is at the core of Thai Massage as a way to release tension and aches from your muscles.  Our practitioner will identify the areas of pain and release the tension that has built up in your body.  They will also adjust the amount of pressure to suit client comfort level to ensure beneficial results and that the feeling of well-being is maximized.


Thai massage is often referred to as “lazy man’s yoga” because the stretching is done for the client.  The same breathing, relaxation and meditation practices used in yoga are also found in Thai massage.   If you enjoy yoga, you will love Thai massage!

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