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This is where we share our latest news, special offers and announce any changes in staff or procedures.  We will also introduce and recommend new “In Good Company” affiliates here.  If you have anything interesting to share, please send us your comments using the form on the contact us page or tell us in person!


Indulge someone special with a gift certificate for massage therapy or acupuncture.

Please check out the link to the left to see the denominations that are available for gift certificate purchases.  


Treatments are now available at Body Balance Therapy.  We have been using our cold laser on clients and our therapists themselves, with great success!  Much of the safety and effectiveness of cold laser therapy lies in its ability to trigger the body to heal itself. Penetrating into targeted tissue, laser light stimulates mitochondria in target cells to produce additional ATP (our body’s energy bundle), which fuels cell repair and regeneration. The laser jump starts the healing process. Because the laser operates within a specific wavelength range that is non thermal, there is no risk of tissue damage.

Body Balance is pleased to anounce that we accept any and all client insurance coverage (including Blue Cross, Manulife, SunLife Insurance and more) for ALL of our therapists

PLEASE NOTE:  While we are happy to provide client care for all patients with all types of insurance coverage, we do not direct bill.


Please check out these affiliates as we highly recommend the professional services that they offer.  Please note that you can contact them through the links we have posted on this site by clicking on the menu button at the top of the page.   Their services are not available at our studio but at their own locations.

Body Balance Therapy



Please Note:  Cancellation of online or phone bookings requires a 24 hour cancellation period.  We ask that you cancel by phone and leave us your phone number so that we can confirm the cancellation.

We Support the following

CAMTA - Canadian Association of Medical Teams Abroad
Every year, CAMTA team members perform life-changing surgeries abroad. CAMTA also

donates equipment, provides education and training, and furthers its community outreach. It's never too late to make a donation to support this worthy cause.

The Udder Project is a Rwandan Agriculture & Livestock Project that strives to improve the quality of livestock and the ability to care for these animals by the local Rwandan people.
The Udder Project is lead by Dr. Rachael Spence DVM, a veterinarian from Edmonton. Every year she travels to Rwanda to assess the progress of these projects. Dr. Spence can be reached at:

(780) 455-1764  

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