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Oprah's First Acupuncture Session
ith the helping hand of acupuncturist Daniel Hsu, Oprah tries a medical treatment that has aided people for thousands of years

Western medical studies have established that acupuncture does work in treating conditions. The world-renowned Mayo Clinic has embraced acupuncture as a method of pain management and United States AIr Force has established an Air Force Acupuncture Centre for treating PTSD and other conditions.

Acupuncture most commonly treats but is not limited to the following:

Ancient and Effective

A centuries old Chinese medicinal system, diagnoses illness and promotes health by stimulating the body's self-healing powers.  It is based on the concept that the body as a self-healing, dynamic whole entity; a network of interrelated and interacting energies.  The even distribution and flow of these energies maintains our state of health.  Through the insertion of needles, acupuncture helps the body to correct itself by re-aligning or re-directing energy. It is a proven form of pain treatment and management.


Dr. Sahar Halabi, a registered acupuncturist and also a board-certified physician, on the Body Balance team.  Dr. Halabi uses Chinese Medicinal modalities to diagnose and promote your health by stimulating your bodies own healing powers.
Dr. Halabi had a successful family practice in Lebanon before coming to Canada.  She is currently devoting all her energy and time to the practice of acupuncture rather than the practice of family medicine.

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