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“ Sandra is the BEST massage therapist I have ever visited.  She cured an injury I had for over a year that other healthcare professionals said would never be 100% again, but she did it!  I have recommended Sandra to everyone in my family and anyone else that needs help.”

Matt Marshall


Here’s what you say about us

We’re really all about you!

Our staff has a holistic view and approach to the health and well-being of our clients.  We are interested in engaging and developing the whole person on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. To do so, Body Balance has a multi-dimensional staff of health workers that offer their expertise
in their unique fields of study to our clients and we also offer this knowledge to our practicum RMT students.


Client Convenience

We offer our clients the convenience of online appointment booking and gift certificate purchases.

We also offer extended office hours:

Mon. - Thurs:  10 - 9
             Fri:  10 - 7
             Sat:  10 - 6

Our mission

Our team wants to help you achieve the perfect balance of physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.  This is a multi-faceted and interactive process.  We strive to provide the most effective and individualized treatment plan specifically suited to your unique requirements. Over the years, Body Balance has continued to look for new ways to make you feel great during and after your sessions.  Our complimentary steam shower is the ultimate in relaxation.  As well, we have a number of health and wellness connections within the community.  Click on "In Good Company" to learn about businesses that we recommend.

Our Experience

Our most senior therapist has almost twenty years of professional experience.  Her clients include numerous world-class athletes and performers.  In addition to massage therapy, Body Balance offers such advanced holistic practices as acupressure and reflexology.  As well, we are extremely proud to have a registered and renowned acupuncturist under the Body Balance umbrella.  Dr. Sahar Halabi uses this most ancient of Chinese medicinal practises to diagnose illness and promote health by stimulating the body's own healing powers.
The Body Balance team is comprised of independent contractors or "wellness contributors" who believe that well-being requires an interdisciplinary process to balance the mind, body and
spirit .

Body Balance Therapy


Student Mentorship Program

About twice a year we host a student practicum.  Student massage therapists are given a  guided “ hands-on” practical experience that allows them to fulfil the 580 hours necessary for the completion of their program and ultimately for their registration as an RMT, future studies and professional career.

We also frequently offer our students employment opportunities after their term with us has been successfully served.

(780) 455-1764  

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